"British born vocalist from Birmingham

Jinder Jade is a British Asian Bhangra male vocalist from Birmingham, England. He is one of the most dynamic and versatile performers in modern day Bhangra and has excelled on the live music scene for over the last ten years. Jinder started his career at the age of only seventeen, he has been on stage all over the world and performed to many different audiences.

Jinder started his music journey in 1997, from RK Padam, a music teacher from the community, where he learned and gained knowledge of punjabi folk music. Then, he hooked up with the bhangra band Saqi, where he gained even more exposure and confidence to be a great young showman and that gave him the grounding for where he is today. The legendary artists and bands such as Gurdas Mann, Alaap and Apna Sangeet have influenced, Jinder.

In 2002, Jinder recorded his debut single called “Club Diyan Kuryian” which featured on the album titled “Fat, Ruff and Large”. In 2005, Jinder recorded his debut album, “Desire”, an eight-track album featuring one collaboration with Anjuman. The album also featured Jeeti, Anil Kalyan and Haz 2 B Productions, who produced the music for this album. After the success of “Desire,” Jinder, has been busy performing to audiences worldwide.
Early 2007 saw Jade’s have two tracks titled “Boliyan part 1 and 2” featured on “Suspicious” by Nottingham based producer, DJ Sinj. Then in the summer of 2007, Jade featured in “Pure Desi Vol. 2” a various artist compilation album. Which he had a collaboration with Avtar Safri the track is titled “Mitro Ki Karyeh.” In late 2007, Jinder released an four track EP titled “Existence.” Punjabi By Nature, worked on the main track titled, “Nachna Mein Nachna.” After two years of extensive gigs and tours around the globe.

November 2009 saw Jinder Jade release his brand new 12 track album titled “Temptation”. This album had some wonderful vocal collaborations with the talented Kishore of Saqi Group who sung hits such as Saqian Da Dhol & Adi Marke which have became Bhangra anthems all over the world. Jinder Jade created a massive duet with the legendary Sardara Gill of Apna Sangeet titled “Dupatta” it was a wonderful collaboration of styles, that was put along with the very versatile Chesire Cat and newcomers Ravi Sahota and Seetal Kaur. The album “Temptation” was hugely successful for Jinder. It was recognised by major media and music lovers around the world and established Jinder Jade as a main star on the Bhangra scene.

After the success of Jinder’s last album “Temptation,” Jinder proudly announced his 2010 release of his single “Aaja Kuriye” a track that was produced and written by Jinder Jade himself and was his first ever release on the very popular iTunes platform.

2015 has seen Jinder do another fantastic collaboration this time with Hi Tec Music’s Boii Nazz a re fixing of the classic “Eh Theva” originally sung and penned by the legendary Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi. Jinder again shows his vocal versatility and range by doing this song Jinder says ”it was a joy to be a part of this project with Hi Tec Music & Boi Nazz and also to do a legendary cover song of Attaullah ji it was a wonderful honour and I hope the audience enjoy this song.”

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