"Started her musical journey at the age of seven years old

Seetal Kaur is a British born female vocalist from Birmingham, who is a versatile singer with the ability to sing a range of classical, ghazal, religious and punjabi folk vocal styles. Seetal started her musical journey at the age of seven years old from the most established teachers in music, Ustad Ajit Singh Mutlashi Ji. From him, she learnt the ability to sing in many different kinds of ways to prepare her to sing in all genres of music. As the musical journey excelled she became an Indian Classical Singer. Seetal has worked with legendary bhangra band DCS where she featured on their EP “Old Skool Nu Skool” on the track “Laban De Utte” with the sensational singer Shin. After a good entry into the bhangra scene Seetal Kaur carried on with her classical training and her opportunities became wider. She also started out at this point of her career into the punjabi folk music performance.

In 2007, Seetal Kaur collaborated with the talented singer, Jinder Jade. Seetal & Jinder collaborated a song titled “Heer Ranjha” on Jinder Jade’s EP called “Existence.” After the positive and great response of “Heer Ranjha” Seetal Kaur again collaborated with Jinder in 2009 on his album titled “Temptation” and together they sang the song titled “Jija Salhi.

In 2014, Seetal Kaur showcased her vocal talents in her first ever solo venture, titled “Mendhi Mendhi” which was a Punjabi folk Giddha track with a UK dance edge and was produced by the musical genius Kam Frantic at the world famous Frantic Studios. This track opened up doors and created a great market for Seetal Kaur to be recognised as one the premier female vocalists in the UK and also got a fantastic recognition from the media worldwide.

In 2015, Seetal Kaur was recognised by UK BHANGRA AWARDS 2015 as the Best Female Singer in UK bhangra music industry.

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